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Texts and programs of: Alberto Realis-Luc done mostly at Polytechnic of Turin University

Aeronautical navigator on a TomTom device

Aerial navigation application capable to load flight plans, in the GPX format, and to give indications using a HSI (Hozizontal Situation Indicator). It runs on a simple TomTom navigator.


An example Java program that receives, parses and displays graphically GPS data (NMEA sentences) from a serial (or USB) GPS receiver.

Location Service

Localization system for ZigBee sensor's networks, developed in cooperation with: Istituto Superiore Mario Boella of Turin.

Algorithm and programs to generate the Italian fiscal code

Vending Machine

Project developed at Chalmers Tekniska Högskola of Göteborg (Sweden) for an 'intelligent' vending machine of public transport tickets, able to 'talk' with customers.

Protecting our self from MITM attacks and traffic hijacking in LAN networks

Description of the way of working of the ettercap tool while doing "Man in the middle" attacks and intercepting traffic in LAN networks, and the possible ways to protect our self.

Development of a J2ME video game

Article about the development in Java of a J2ME video game, at Impressionware, for Nokia S60 mobile phones.

Programming under Windows

Although I prefer Linux, here anyway my Win32 programs:

Apache web server's log analyzer

logAnalizer is a small program to scan Apache's logs according to certain aspects defined by the user