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Calculate an Italian fiscal code online

With this form it is possible to calculate the Italian fiscal code (codice fiscale) of an individual. The Italian fiscal code is generated using a specific algorithm that, starting from some data of his owner: name, surname, date of birth, gender and place of birth, generates a alphanumeric string of 16 characters.

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Or geographical selection on Italian regions: Valle d'Aosta Piemonte Lombardia Trentino Alto Adige Veneto Friuli Venezia Giulia Liguria Emilia Romagna
Toscana Marche Umbria Lazio Abruzzo Molise Campania Puglia Calabria Sardegna Sicilia
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About this fiscal code generator

This software written in JavaScript and it runs completely on client side, thus all the data inserted remains private because the data even doesn't go out from your browser.
The script is able to verify if the inserted data make sense, checking perhaps the validity of the inserted date of birth, keeping in account also of leap years.
If you aren't able to find the place of birth with the geographic search please try with the alphabetic one.
For more information's about the Italian fiscal code generation algorithm and to download some software to calculate it visit this page:
Italian fiscal code algorithm