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Known bugs

At the moment, there aren't known bugs. They will come out sure with deeper testing...

Features under development

This is the list of additional features for AirNavigator that could be developed:


Here the list of all really useful documentation and projects found on the Internet to develop this application.


In order to compile on Linux you need the TomTom toolchain.

Libraries used

The needed libraries are simply recompiled for the ARM processor used by on the TomTom so AirNavigator can load them as dynamic libraries.


Thanks to the user "frizione" of vfrflight.net forum, who, during the really first development, tested the application first on a ferry boat and then on his ultralight airplane allowing me to improve some aspects.

Git Repository

The Git repository with the source code of this project is available on GitHub. To download the entire project, do a clone from the repository with the following command:

New contributors are warmly welcome!


For any information or comment about this project please feel free to write me an e-mail.

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